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  • What is covered in a session?
    When you choose a specific appointment to book that is only the framework of the session. All of our appointments are custom tailored to your questions and problems based on the information that you give us at the time of booking.
  • How do I cancel an appointment?
    In order to cancel an appointment, please call or text (877) 222 - 3404 with your name and the date and time of your appointment. Alternately you can also email with the same information.
  • What areas of San Diego County do you offer services in?
    Currently, we are offering services in the coastal communities in the city of San Diego.
  • What precautions do instructors take for Covid-19?
    All instructors are required to wear masks at all times both when with coworkers and with clients. In addition instructors utilize their own wireless mouse in order to avoid touching your devices as much as possible. All equipment is sanitized between clients.
  • Will you help me fix my broken computer?
    Currently we do not offer services to help fix a computer that is not working correctly. Our current offerings revolve around education.
  • Why can't I get through to you on the phone?
    Currently, all of our employees are instructors and are also responsible for answering the phone. All missed calls will be greeted with a text with information regarding a follow up call.
  • What session type is most popular?
    Currently most clients choose the Self-Guided session type. This seems to be the case because it more easily allows clients to switch between different devices they need instruction on rather than focusing on one.
  • How long is a standard session?
    Currently all of our sessions are offered in 1 hour increments.
  • Can I request a session shorter or longer than an hour?
    In specific cases we do offer different length sessions. If this is something you would be interested in please reach out by phone and we can discuss pricing and availability.
  • Do you offer sessions with multiple participants?
    Currently our standard session is for 1-2 people, however in specific situations we do offer larger group sessions. If you are interested in inviting friends or family to have a larger session please call or email us and we can discuss availability and pricing.
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