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Our Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage education and to illustrate the value that technology can have when the user is properly educated. Whether you are just getting your first smartphone or you want to improve your efficiency with the devices you use everyday, Action Steps aims to provide you with a skill set that will reduce how overwhelming adapting to new technology can be. We hope that we can not only improve your understanding but also encourage a continued interest and confidence to adopt new technologies that may emerge to improve your life.

Solving the puzzle of modern technology.

What is the Problem?

For more than half of all Americans modern technology is a new addition to their lives. Unlike the younger generations technology is not a native part of life. It is a relatively new addition that has quickly changed the landscape of the modern world. For many people, this presents a serious disadvantage. They are living in a world that is becoming increasingly complex but they aren't provided the resources or services to keep up with the rapid technological change.


Who We Are

Action Steps was founded in San Diego with the sole focus of closing the information gap for the non technology native generations. As Millennials and Gen Z ourselves we have not only grown up with technology around us but with the first hand experience of how confusing new and everyday technology can be for the people in our lives, and how often those closest to you may not have the time to help keep you informed.

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